Friday, July 18, 2008

Ow. (Possibly TMI)

My lower back went crunch this morning when I opened up one of my windows. Owie! Luckily I didn't faint from the pain like I did several years back the last time something went crunch in my neck. (I did consider laying on the floor, but had the presence of mind to realize that my floor is icky-dusty, and that getting up would be much harder than staying up.) I did manage to grab the phone on the way to my bed. Then, when I was lying safely in bed (it doesn't hurt when I don't move), the thought occurred to me that I *really* needed to go to the washroom. (I knew that before I lay down, but my initial thought was to make it to bed before I fainted.) I couldn't remember how long the pain lasted the last time this happened... that is, should I "hold it", or find a way to stand up again.

I managed to reach the phone on the nightstand, and called my folks. They couldn't remember how long it lasted last time either, but the general consensus was I was going to need to get up.

While I had my dad on the phone, I had him look up the department phone number so I could let them know I wouldn't be at the funeral today, and to pass on my condolences. :( (A life partner of one of the faculty died earlier this week... another one that died way too young! She was somewhere around my age, and had aggressive leukemia that had gone into remission twice before, and then came back a week ago. Sad!)

Then I made it up, visited the washroom, ate breakfast (and some Advil), stocked my bedside with books and knitting, then sat down at my computer to see if there was anything urgent. That would be where I am now. (Nope, nothing urgent.) Sitting isn't bothering me too much, so I figure I'll sit a bit before attempting to get up again.

Mom brought me a cold pack. Thanks mom!!!

I think I may sit here until I need to visit the washroom again, and then lie down some more. (This time with stuff to do other than annoy people whose phone numbers I have programmed in my phone.)


Anonymous said...

Owie. Hope you are feeling better and up and around soon!!!

jess said...

ow! feel better soon. :(