Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A Very Winnipeg Halloween

I like to tell people that we have a 50% chance of snow for halloween. (Many people living in warmer climates don't belive me.) Now, normally I mean we have a 50% chance of snow falling before halloween, but this year we have 50% snow today. As in some moments there's no precipitation, other moments there's white stuff in the air, and at yet others there's rain. (Probably a very cold rain, but I've been lucky enough so far today that I've only been out when there's nothing falling from the sky.) I suppose, if I were to be accurate, it's more like 5% than 50%, but it's more fun to say 50%. ;)

I'm really glad I got all that gardening done yesterday. I still have some more to do, plus some bulbs that need replanting, but I won't feel so bad if I only lose half of the lilies, since half are already in the ground. Or perhaps I can "force" them and the best of the tulips and daffodils, and then plant them in the spring? The rest of the perennials can be transplanted from the tomato garden (where I plopped them temporarily) to the front garden in the spring, and I can do the rest of the digging then too if necessary. But weather is supposed to be dry on Saturday, so I *should* be able to finish up then... assuming the ground isn't saturated.

Speaking of snow and halloween, one thing about growing up in Winnipeg is that you always had to design your halloween costume with your snowsuit in mind: you'll very likely be wearing it, either under or over your costume. ;)


pev said...

snowsuit? What's a snowsuit? ;)

It's currently a bright and sunny....79 (according to outside here in Houston today. But it feels warmer than that to me.

Bethany said...

It's nice in NC, too. :-)

Although in general Denver has a much milder climate than Winnipeg, we normally got snow before Halloween (and sometimes on Halloween).

I think the first snow in Denver this year was the 6" they got the weekend before last. It turns out my parents ALSO went to a corn maze last weekend and they told me that the corn was looking rather the worse for wear (apparently 6" of snow is not good for corn mazes.)

Penny said...

Well there was some snow in Winnipeg today around 2PM in the area I live. What was coming down from the sky was definitly white which nicely matched the tree in the park across the street that someone toilet papered.