Tuesday, October 30, 2007


I decided to file a bunch of e-mails that were sitting in my inbox, since I noticed it said it was 142 MB. (Sounds a tad large.) After filing until it was under 25 MB, I quit and restarted my mail program, just in case it would improve how it runs (clearing the ram, or whatever). It *closed* and didn't automatically reopen all the left-open-to-remind-me-to-respond-to e-mails!!!! Nooooo! Argh.

In other arghs, I have two things I'd love to show you, but can't photograph due to the dwindling daylight hours. I did a ton of gardening today (H was home because her son was sick, so I didn't go in to her office), but the light was getting low when I quit. Instead of taking a photo then, I figured it would be better to wait until morning. I also finished up my poppies painting (except the signature), but the flash photo produced an annoying glare. Again, I figured I'd wait until morning. I would take both photos before I left for school, then post them when I got in. It wasn't until a few minutes ago that I remembered that I leave the house around the same time the sun rises, and so I won't be able to take either photo until I get home tomorrow night. *grump* Annoying dwindling natural light!

Other than that, things are going well. The garden is coming along nicely. There's a bit more to be done, but I should finish easily on Saturday. My poppies painting came out quite nicely. I still haven't spun the last of that roving I'm working on... perhaps tomorrow night. That reminds me of another argh: I was going to work on Durrow tonight while I watched Pushing Daisies... but it wasn't on!!! It was there in the TV guide, but the chanel showed something else, as did the online guide. Where'd it go?!? Thankfully it's on tomorrow night on ABC, so hopefully I'll be able to watch it then. (Assuming the cable doesn't get screwed up when my brother installs the new PVR... he'll be playing with it on the main floor while I watch on the second floor.)

PS: If I should have responded to an e-mail from you, and haven't, please poke me? Thanks!


Michelle said...

I will look forward to seeing your poppy painting, I liked how it looked when you posted it earlier :)

-- Michelle

ann said...

argh! does the changing of the clocks this weekend help at all or just annoy further? my argh for the day .... I will be out in the yard today raking up leaves etc. and will try to channel your happy-to-be-doing-gardening energy.

ps. thanks for the tips on those thumb gussets, I am going to cast on again tonight

noricum said...

It'll help temporarily with the light in the morning, but will bring sunset even earlier. Right now the sun is setting shortly after 6 pm, I think.