Thursday, October 25, 2007

Garlic Scares Vampires

In the constantly contradictory headlines from medical science, we're supposed to get more exercise, but not outside because we'll get cancer from sun exposure. We don't want to go out at night, either, because then there's all those mosquitoes with their west nile. And don't forget about all those toxic chemicals that accumulate indoors! Perhaps this latest headline provides a loophole, with broccoli to the rescue... if we wear it. Weird.

Garlic, anyone?

PS: I wonder what the wearing of broccoli does to vitamin D production?
PPS: Yes, I *do* know I'm being silly in this post.

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fledchen said...

Reminds me of the Thomas Rockwell book "How to Be a Perfect Person in 7 Days." One of the instructions in the book was to wear a stalk of broccoli around your neck for a week.