Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Last Day Of Socktober

On this last day of socktober (no, I wasn't a participant this year), I finished another pair of socks:
Crochet Socks
I even had a wee bit leftover for my blankie:
(One of these is already a blankie square!)

Since the above socks are done, I, of course, had to start another pair! This pair is for me:
Crochet Socks

Speaking of socks... I think at one point I was discussing making socks for someone, and they said they'd send me some Lorna's Laces for me to make into socks for them... only thing is, I can't remember who said that, and sock yarn never arrived. I'm just wondering if it got lost in the mail, or if the person changed their mind? If this sounds familiar to you, can you drop me a note?


Katy said...

Hi there, that Lorna's Lace's Lazy Lump was me. I still have the yarn, but I haven't gone to the post office in ages, and the yarn I wanted to send didn't fit in the padded envelope that I had. Yeah, yeah, excuses. But its not lost in the mail, unless you consider my apartment to be part of the mail system. -grin- sorry!

noricum said...

*Phew*! Thanks for letting me know! I was a bit worried about neglecting a commitment, and then when I couldn't find any reference to it in my e-mail (I'm sure it's there somewhere, I just couldn't find it), I was wondering if I was imagining things!

Please send me an e-mail when you *do* mail it so that I can keep an eye out for it, and know why mail is showing up on my doorstep. *grin*

Katy said...

Nope, you didn't neglect your commitment, it was me. Though today (I am now nannying instead of building scenery) I took the twins out in the stroller for a dry run (i.e. not actually needing to get anywhere except home within half an hour), which went reasonably well (need to bundle them more next time), which means that the post office will be more accessible during the daytime.

I will definitely email when the yarn is on its way!

P.S. You should use gmail. Then you have the power of search to find stuff.

noricum said...

I do use gmail, but I'm too lazy to open up Firefox and log in to do a search, so I use my regular mail reader to do a search. ;)

My regular browser is Safari, which I like better than Firefox (possibly only because I'm more familiar with it), but now that gmail and blogger use the same login info, gmail gets confused if I try to read it in Safari... if I'm already logged into my account when I try to go to gmail, it gets trapped in some sort of url forwarding cycle and just goes loopy until I can catch it between reloads, stop it, and empty my cookies. Pain in the tush. Hence having to use a different browser for gmail. (Or empty my cookies and log in, which takes about the same amount of time.)

I also have lots of different accounts which I don't want to merge (work vs all-purpose vs blog vs secret swap), so it's sometimes easier to search in my regular mail reader anyway.