Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Mail, and more

Mail came Monday, including my sock yarn scrap swap. :) Here are the extra goodies:
Extra Goodies
My favourite extras are the skull stitch markers and the sheep button. :)

From Robyn's shop, I also bought a keychain sock blocker and a set of bamboo crochet hooks:
(I didn't buy the Soak advertisement, I just didn't know where to stick it in the photos of stuff included.)

Mmmm! First layer of sock yarn scraps:
Sock Yarn Scraps!

Is that....:
Sock Yarn Scraps!
...I think it is! I think I see Socks That Rock "Walking on the Wild Tide"! I drooled over the photos when that skein came out. A sample of my very own! :)

Second layer:
Sock Yarn Scraps!

I had to knit up that bit of Wild Tide:
Blanket Square
There was the perfect amount for a square. Thanks Robyn!

Don't worry, M, I didn't forget to make you a Baby Tart:
Baby Tart Toque
I'll e-mail you to find out what your address is.

After dealing with bobbles, my next treat:
Keychain Sock Blocker
Can you believe I knit an entire sock at knitting night? Okay, I admit I didn't weave in the ends until I got home. ;) And that sock is more Socks That Rock! It's colourway "fire on the mountain". I even had a smidge left for my blanket... which has already been worked into another square:
Sock Yarn Blanket WIP


Knitting Mama said...

Glad you got it and glad you like it. Enjoy your goodies!

jessica loo said...

hi, what is this swap thing exactly? looks really neat. i love yarn

noricum said...

Knitting Mama and I are both making blankets from scraps of sock yarn. In order to have more variety in our blankets, we swapped some of our scraps.