Monday, October 08, 2007


Last week I made a smaller dishcloth using leftovers from the previous one.
Ballband Dishcloth
I didn't intend to make it smaller, but I cast on 42 stitches instead of 45, and didn't notice until I started the brickwork pattern. I decided it was fine, and left it. I ran out of the variegated yarn before I finished, so I switched to using just the single solid colour. It'll wash dishes just fine. ;)

On Saturday I went to Zellers to buy some jeans and bras. Not only did they discontinue the jeans I like, but they didn't have anything remotely like I wanted... and the bra department was similarly disappointing. I consoled myself with some more cotton yarn. I showed restraint and put back two of the variegated colours I liked, and made do with a single solid to match both of the variegated balls I did buy. And it doesn't count if it never makes it to stash, right?
Ballband Dishcloth
Ballband Dishcloth
It's rather interesting how the different colours pool differently.

At some point I'll get around to dealing with the ends properly. I want to sew them down with thread so that they don't pop out.

Here's what I have leftover now, which will end up in the stash for now:
Ballband Dishcloth Leftovers

I also visited my (third) grandma on Saturday. That was nice. :)


MrsFife said...

I like the purply one best!

dragon knitter said...

i have found that with dishcloth cotton, if i weave the ends but leave tails sticking out, then wash them in the washing machine, i can then clip the tails and they stay put. save you using the thread.

Lucia said...

Why does the best stuff always get discontinued? Why why why? It's gotten so I buy three of everything, if I can even find it.

At least you got some splendid dishcloths out of it.

Liz said...

That third dish cloth reminds me of a tub of Neapolitan ice cream where the strawberry and vanilla are a little mixed up but the chocolate isn't. Mmm, now i want some ice cream.

I really like the other two as well, especially the jewel tones.

noricum said...

Thanks! Isn't it strange the way the "chocolate" all stayed on one side? I think it looks like ice cream too, but the yarn colourway is "Rosewood" or something like that.

noricum said...

Dragon knitter: Thanks for the tip, but I plan to give these away, so I want to be extra sure the ends don't pop out. If they were for me, I'd do what you suggested.