Sunday, October 14, 2007

Blue Happiness

I washed the new jeans yesterday, and they did not shrink three sizes, disintegrate, nor spontaneously combust. I am so happy! So now my hot ass and I are off to the frozen section of the grocery store to find single guys and easily-prepared meals.

Note: poetic licence was taken in the last paragraph. I do not have a hot ass (with or without the new blue jeans), and I'd be way too chicken to approach a single guy in the freezer section. However, I do somehow feel sexy (or at least sexier) in my non-ratty, fitting-properly jeans, and a date would be much appreciated. (For the company even more than the meal that I wouldn't have to prepare.)


jess said...

yay! i am so happy for you! (where the picture of these masterful jeans?) jeans are such a b*tch to get the right size/fit in (and $15CAD? even better)! :)

Deneen said...

It's so nice when you get those jeans that fit nicely and make you feel good about yourself.