Sunday, October 28, 2007

A Plague of Dishcloths

They're a sickness, I tell you!

If you saw this photo:
Dishcloth WIP
and suspected I had been past the kitchen cotton aisle again, you'd be right. Once again, this yarn did not become stash:
As usual, I didn't buy just one ball of kitchen cotton, none of which became stash:
I even used the leftovers:
...See that bit of dark pink in that leftover dishcloth? Notice that it doesn't match any of the above? Yeah. I ran out before the cloth was finished, so I dug in my stash to see if I had a smidge of kitchen-like cotton in there that I could use to finish this last cloth off. (I've had my fill of dishcloths! Once I'm done this last one, I can be free to return to my other projects!) However, when I dug in my stash, I found more than a smidge:
Dishcloth To Be
Yep, there'll be one more cloth. For some reason I feel I really need to purge my stash of kitchen cotton. I have no idea why. Perhaps it's merely part of this "must tame the stash" phase I'm going through. I do feel that I'm tired enough of dishcloths that my wallet will be safe the next time I walk past the kitchen cotton aisle.

Of course, none of the dishcloths have their ends woven in. I have nine (soon to be ten) dishcloths worth of ends to deal with, two to four ends per cloth. (I at least used Russian joins on the scrappy dishcloths, so they don't have ends out the wazoo.) *sigh* What was I thinking?!?


aniexma said...

I go through my "dishcloth" phase in the springtime. I always thought I was the only one.

Lucia said...

That's an impressive number of dishcloths. I have to admit I haven't made any in quite a while. (What's a Russian join? Does it work on cotton?)

noricum said...

If you google "russian join" you'll get lots of hits with explanations with photos. Here's one:

Yes, it works on cotton.