Monday, October 08, 2007


Hearts Scarf

Dang! I'm making this scarf that I think is really cool, and is a stash buster given that it uses two lonely balls I had sitting in my stash... but I don't have quite enough of the Noro Cash Iroha #45 for the edging. I could change the edging, but I really like how this one looks with the scarf pattern. Does anyone have some leftover Cash Iroha #45 they'd be willing to part with? I need about a fifth to a quarter ball.

I've managed to find *one* store with it in stock, but between the yarn cost and shipping (they only give US shipping prices, but it looks like they'll ship to Canada) it'll be at least $20... a bit pricey when I only need a tiny bit.

I originally bought the yarn several years ago from a LYS in Cary (I think it's Cary), NC. That was a fun day... my (then) local SNB group went as a field trip.

Anyway, if you have some, I'll give you my undying gratitude and some cash (or cash equivalent) less than $20. ;)

If you're wondering about the pattern, I'm using a rather heavily modified "Hearts" from Knitty. (I didn't like how some of the decreases were done, the start-up rows, and I also changed the border.)

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Knitted Gems said...

How maddening! I've run out of yarn too many times that I feel your pain. I have no Noro in my stash, but sure hope somebody comes to your rescue.