Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Do I or don't I?

Tomorrow is the Inaugural Meeting for the Research Seminar series in Proteomics and Systems Biology. (Capitalization theirs.) I was going to go, but H isn't going to be in tomorrow except for a brief period. So... do I spend 3 hours on the bus for a talk with the vague title "Proteomics Structural Biology"? It's an excellent chance for me to meet researchers in areas similar to mine at this university... but that three hour bus ride... *sigh*


Katy said...

I get motion sick on buses, so my immediate answer would be a resounding NO unless somehow at the end of a three hour bus ride something amazing, concrete and otherwise unattainable was going to happen/be waiting for me.

Of course, maybe you know what Proteomics Structural Biology is and love bus rides. =)

dragon knitter said...

is it 3 hours round trip or 3 each way? round trip? think of it as quality crafting time. the holidays ARE coming. each way? probably not. i think i'd go buggy

noricum said...

Round trip, and I'd be crocheting socks the whole time. ;) (If I get good transfers and traffic both directions it's only two hours, but the meeting would have me going through downtown during rush hour.)