Thursday, February 01, 2007

Birthday Contest

Sock Yarn

(Please excuse my rambly post.)

My birthday is coming up... Saturday, February 10th. J is still down in Barbados then. For my birthday present, I told him he has to have a really great day on the 10th and tell me all about it, since I can't be there to enjoy it with him. :)

It's fun having contests, and I have nearly identical yarn for two pairs of socks (I have enough socks as it is... the last thing I need is two identical pairs!)... so I've decided to have a birthday contest! The prize will be a pair of crochet socks made by me from your choice of one of these two yarns.

To enter, send me the same birthday present I asked from J: have a really great day on the 10th, and then tell me all about it. :) You can either leave a comment, or send me an e-mail. (If you don't already know my e-mail address, there's a link on my profile.) Please use the subject "birthday contest" so it's easier for me to find all the entries when I decide on the winner.

The winner will be chosen by me... either my favourite entry, or randomly, however I feel at the time. ;)

For a deadline... um, how about the 14th? That should give you plenty of time to write up your entry, without letting you forget all the details. ;)

Now, I understand that sometimes schedules suck... if the 10th doesn't work for you, feel free to use a different day between now and then.

Have I forgotten any details?


Anonymous said...

Oh, fun idea! :) And, happy (early) birthday!


Unknown said...

Dude, I cannot win this contest unless I play the lottery. It's that bad right now. Can I just enter now? Best day: I went 24 hours without getting hit by a bus.

OK, maybe something better will happen. I'll save my entry for later. :)

As soon as I come up with a creative contest, I'll post it. I just made a bunch of stitch markers that have very good loops (i.e., no pointy wires to grab yarn), so I think i'm getting the hang of it. Woo!

noricum said...

Hey, you just need to enjoy yourself for one day. And if you can't do that, perhaps you should consider antidepressants? They've worked wonders for me. ;)

knittinglizzie said...

you are so great! i can't wait to celebrate your birthday!

Dandy said...

ok here's my day so far...

first the bad part ( the best part is coming up) I'm sick.. I have the sniffles and it feels like my head is going to explode... yeah bunner huh??

ok the good part... ALbert washed and dried all the dishes, swept and mopped the kitchen floor, the girls tidied the living room and rumpus room and vacuumed...

and all while I laid on the couch moaning and groaning, trying to knit on a sock ( started yrs back) and watching TBS all morning.

all in all not a bad day

Happy Birthday if I don't stop by again before now and then!!

omly said...

Happy almost birthday :)

dragon knitter said...

this so rocks. my daughters are going to take my sons out to play puttputt golf (indoors, we ARE in nebraska) for the afternoon. i see lots of spinning in my future!

Vera said...

Happy, Happy Birthday!!!

I had a nice day just hanging out at my LYS crocheting.

z's momma said...

oh, contest. Happy Birthday!

Let's see, tomorrow Feb 11 is my almost 4 year old's birthday, so today, we did some fun prep stuff. We got together with a bunch of friends for a several hour lunch at a lovely place called Mona's Table. Then it was packing up some goodie bags for tomorrow and sort of relaxing around the house. Tomorrow we celebrate!
If I were able to do some knitting, it would be a perfect day.

Unknown said...

Well, I slept in this morning which was just great. :)

Then I got up, showered, had yummy breakfast, and started making cookie dough.

Brought my cookie dough and my yummy yarn and went to meet up and help teach a cabling workshop where I started a cabled scarf and helped lots of other people learn to cable.

Then I went to a friends house and baked the cookie dough, and we both headed over to another friends house for a game party. We played board games (Family Fun Cranium, Trivial Pursuit Pop Culture with DVD, and Apples to Apples) and I won the second two games!

Then I came home (very late) and I'm about to crawl into my lovely bed and get some sleep.

Whew, what a fun day!

Anonymous said...


We had a GREAT day today! We started out at a Valentine's Day Party at our church for our kids! Got 'em all sugared up ready for the next party. Then, we had a birthday party today, too. My oldest daughter's birthday was Jan. 27, she turned 9. My youngest daughter's birthday is February 18th, she'll be 5. So we compromised and had a party at a local pizza place with 15 kids, all under the age of 10. No, I'm not insane!! It was actually so much fun! My husband and I came home and vegged after both parties, and the kids spend the afternoon and evening playing with their "loot"!

I hope your day was just as fun!

ikkinlala said...

I had a pretty good day on the 10th - it helps a lot that your birthday was on the weekend!

First, and possibly best, I slept in until about 9:30. During midterm season, the extra sleep is always wonderful.

Then I had a lazy morning checking e-mail and working on a couple of craft projects. Later, I went downtown to do my weekly shopping. The place where I usually get really good bread was closed for some reason, but I managed to find a bakery with an acceptable substitute. I enjoyed my visit to the non-academic library, which is so much more fun than the one at the university (okay, okay... I have to admit I spent half an hour reading picture books).

When I got back from that, I called home and talked to my parents for a while. It's always nice to hear their voices. Then I listened to music (and danced a bit - why am I admitting these things?) until I got hungry and baked some yummy brownies. I then proceeded to read library books and blogs until bedtime, completely ignoring the fact that I should have been doing homework. Oh well, we all need a break sometimes, right?