Friday, July 29, 2011


Heh... looks like I sat on a raspberry on one of my breaks:

It's funny how raspberry stains react to soap... it immediately changes to blue-black. Here's the stain after attacking it a bit with soap during my shower:
Homemade litmus strips, anyone? (I wonder if it would change back if I poured a little vinegar on it?)

I put a bit of laundry detergent on it, so hopefully the rest of the stain will come out in the wash tomorrow.


Sara said...


Anonymous said...

On fruit stains, I find that a Tide-to-go portable stain remover works well. Did you get the stain out? (Darn those wandering raspberries that are strongly attracted to all my pale clothes.)


noricum said...

The stains are lighter, but still there. At least this is my pair of junk shorts. (I made them from a pair of pants that were very worn out, and didn't even get the legs even.)