Sunday, July 24, 2011

Saturday Gardening

It's been a while since I've had a chance to do some gardening, and the garden was showing it.

(Those tall things in the back are weeds. I thought they probably were, but I was letting them grow for a bit to be sure... plus I didn't really have a chance to deal with them before.)

These cracks looked a good six inches deep:
The ground was *dry* and rock hard. I really need to dig in some organic matter. I need to ask my landlord for some more peat moss, since he took the last stuff. (He thought I didn't want it... it was just that the ground was so wet that summer, I never had a chance to use it!)

(I didn't notice this photo was out of focus yesterday, I was trying to be quick as it was starting to rain.)

I put some of the grass I dug up along the new sidewalk, because the concrete people didn't fill back up to the same level. (They made it look they did, but they didn't compress the soil at all.)

My apartment's caretaker was out helping too:

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