Thursday, July 07, 2011

Crocheting The Unexpected

Yesterday I went shopping for crochet supplies at Home Depot. I found what I wanted in the seasonal section. I was hoping for white, but had to settle for blue, due to their limited colourways.

What did I buy?
Whipper-snipper cord.

I'm crocheting a hat, and am using the cord to provide stiffness. (Some of the other ladies at knit night looked at me like I was a bit loony, but I believe the correct term is "innovative". They did come around after they saw some progress.)

It's working, although a little differently than I had envisioned. After this hat, I may decide to try another, but with supplies from a bait & tackle shop... medium to heavy duty fishing line, instead of whipper-snipper cord. ;)

Pondering design ideas... whipper-snipper cord is what... nylon? Can I melt it and attach the melted ends? Perhaps I'll experiment in a nice, shady patch of concrete somewhere. (So that I don't accidentally set something on fire!)


Catlady said...

Neat idea!! Yes, you could melt the ends together, but I'm not sure how neat the join would be... I might be able to find you some glue that would work better... unless you have superglue. Not sure about the fishing line - don't think it would be stiff enough, would it? Or did you have something else in mind?

noricum said...

Normal fishing line wouldn't, but fishing line gets thicker for the deep fishing and ocean fishing... I'm thinking there's probably something in the right range. Of course, I won't know until I look. ;)