Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ow: The Morning After

Isn't it amazing how something so small can hurt so much?

Knuckle scrapes always hurt, because you're constantly stretching the wound when you bend your finger. This one hurts more than the standard knuckle scrape... it appears I've also bruised the knuckle, so it's also tender and swollen. Thus, in addition to stretching the wound, I'm also compressing the bruise every time I bend my finger. It feels like it does when my arthritis is acting up.

My finger is angry. In short, my finger is giving me the finger.


Sara said...

Gah! I hope it heals quickly

cifarelli said...

Put a bandaid on it and use that to remind yourself not to bend it (since the bandaid makes it harder to bend the knuckle)?

noricum said...

I've been putting a bandaid on it to protect it while I'm carving, but leaving it off while I'm not (so that it doesn't get all soggy). The problem with it *not* bending when carving is that it kind of gets in the way, and you can't use it to apply force.