Monday, July 04, 2011

Apartment Step Conclusion

You may recall the ridiculous thing the concrete people put in as a front and back step:
It was big enough that you wanted to stand on it to unlock the door, but small enough that you pretty much had to get off in order to open the door. I asked the landlord if he would ask the concrete people to fix it, and they did.

First they sent someone by with a sledge hammer to remove the old step, but the sledge hammer wasn't proving effective. Then they sent someone with another tool I'm not sure about, and, although it appeared to be doing a better job, was still too slow.

So, one day, a few weeks back, they sent out the big guns:

Uh, perhaps I'll use the other door...

Yep, that worked:

Later that night:
(Is it legal to barricade the main door like this?)

Hmmm... I suspect the caretaker will be peeved about what they did with the extra concrete:

Getting inside required a little skill and balance:

(Hmmm... Flickr seems to be having some issues today...)

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