Saturday, July 09, 2011

Sewing (& Spending!)

Yesterday I went out and spent way too much money. However, none were "frivolous" purchases, so I guess it's okay.

First I went to Lee Valley, and bought supplies for an upcoming workshop on printing with woodcuts. The main expenses were a chip-carving knife, and a pair of ceramic sharpening stones for maintaining said knife.

The stones came with fabric cases, but they looked like they would slide right out if I put them in a bag of art supplies. So I made a case out of old jean material to hold the pair:
I still need to sew on a snap. (The only snaps I appear to have are too small, although I have one or two more places to check before I buy some.)

After Lee Valley, I stopped in at a shoe store that was in the same strip mall. I hadn't intended to go shoe shopping, but (a) my regular shoes are ones I bought in 2006, (b) my sandals have a crack in the sole in addition to the sole being completely worn down, and (c) I can't wear my dress shoes for longer than an hour without my feet hurting. I ended up buying a pair of sandals the same as my old ones (but in the correct size, rather than one size larger, yay!), and a pair of "business casual" shoes that I think I can get away with wearing both as regular shoes (I think they'll be comfortable enough) and interview shoes (I'll check with the co-op coordinator first). Two pairs of shoes isn't cheap, even when shopping in a medium price range store. (Especially since my feet seem to like the more expensive shoes.)

Next came Zellers, since I noticed they had my jeans in stock, but I didn't have time to try them on the other day when I was passing through. (I like to double check that the tags are correct.) Since all my jeans were (I thought) looking decrepit, I bought two pair.

Today I turned one pair of my old jeans into jean shorts. I just grabbed the top pair and started the conversion. After making some cuts (and thus no turning back), I noticed there wasn't much wear on this pair. (There *is* some, but not as bad as I remembered.) Whoops! So I guess now I have two pair of good jeans, one pair of crap jeans (suitable for gardening), a decent pair of jean shorts (not a bad thing), and a crap pair of jean shorts. Oh well.

While in Zellers, I also bought a few more items, including a replacement radio / iPod dock for the kitchen. My previous dock was getting more and more annoying:
1. It doesn't display the time when the radio / iPod are playing.
2. The display flickers while on, and recently started flickering while off too.
3. I can't read the clock from a distance (when the music isn't playing).
4. It takes a half dozen or more button presses to switch between the iPod and radio (the buttons don't seem to be working properly... it should only actually take 1-2 button presses, if they were actually recognized).
5. It was designed for an older model iPod, so (a) it doesn't have the correct dock adapter, and (b) the iPod doesn't charge while plugged in.
While the replacement wasn't urgent, I found one in Zellers that wasn't too bad a price, had a readable clock, and, being new, would work with my iPod. (Turns out it says to go to "your iPod dealer" to get the correct dock adapter, though. At least my iPod doesn't tell me it won't charge every time I plug it in now.) The only downside is that it doesn't have a remote, but, that's not too big a deal. (I don't often use the remote on the old one.) It's also nice that it's smaller than the old one too.

Oh... and today I bought a rough and cracked piece of basswood, and then used my uncle's workshop to make it into two very pretty pieces of wood for the workshop. :)

I think I got too much sun yesterday on my travels... I've had a low grade headache for much of today. :P

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