Saturday, July 02, 2011

Kitchen Stuff

Not only do I buy whatever wine is cheapest, but apparently I don't pay attention to kind (beyond colour) too:
When the old bottle didn't have quite enough (the bump at the bottom fooled me), I mixed wines in my pasta dish. My fancy cooking only pretends to be pretentious. ;)

Speaking of my pasta dish, this is my garlic scapes and scallop pasta:
When it came time to cook the pasta, I realized I didn't know exactly how I was going to use the scapes. Do I put it in early, so the flavour infuses the sauce, or later, so that it stays bright green? After looking online for a bit, I decided on earlier. I think I should have gone for later. The scapes "mellowed" so much there was hardly any garlic taste. :( The pasta wasn't bad, it just wasn't as good as usual. (And I don't blame the wine.)

Yesterday I finally conquered my backlog of dishes, including the "tupperware". All clean:
Then I made lasagna. *sigh* (Thankfully before yet another set of veggies expired, but it does produce a lot of dirty dishes.) In addition to having a nice lasagna dinner last night, I have seven more single-servings in the freezer. :) I keep thinking I should do this with several dishes... but then I remember that my freezer is extremely limited in size. :P

It was late last night by the time I finished my lasagna, so I didn't do dishes then. I hope to get them done today (along with laundry, and maybe even grocery shopping), and then *really* be all caught up! :)

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Anonymous said...

That's the thing about dishes: someone is always dirtying something (usually me). And when I cook, how is that I dirty every dish I own?

Laundry seems to be much the same. The laundry basket is rarely empty, even though I'm always doing laundry. I should do laundry early in the morning in the hopes that the basket can remain empty for a few hours. Make that triumphant feeling last!