Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Sunday after family dinner, Uncle B and I went for a bike ride. (Yay bike ride! We rode to the Forks to watch the salsa dancers. Bonus: I didn't fall off!) Afterward I stopped by my dad's for some raspberries. Mmmmm! There were a bunch of bumblebees, both on the raspberries, and on the weeds.

I caught this little fellow napping:
Where are your pollen sacs, little guy? Your orange bum stripe sure is pretty!

However, most were busy working despite the late hour and cooling temperatures, like this guy:
(Anyone know what that weed is? The flower part is stiff-spikey. I haven't tried looking it up yet.)


Sara said...

Great close up!!

noricum said...

It was hard to hold everything still enough so that things weren't blurry! Especially with how quick the working bee kept moving!