Saturday, May 22, 2010


Yesterday I bought and installed two shiny, new air conditioners: a Noma 5250 BTU for the kitchen, and a Danby 8000 BTU for the bedroom. The old 8000 will go in the livingroom once I clean the gunk out of it.

The new ACs caused the heat wave to go away. However, last night there was still enough residual heat in the building that I had to run the bedroom one most of the night anyway. (Turning them off and opening the windows resulted in the temperature going *up*, even though it was cooler outside than inside. I blame the non-existent breeze, and brick-heat-reservoir.)

Today it's quite nice outside, and there's actually a breeze, so I went the open-window route. However, I've been sneezing ever since. So I closed the windows and turned on the AC. *sigh* (I took my last antihistamine this morning until I go grocery shopping again, so I don't want to aggravate my allergies *too* much.)

The Danby isn't super quiet, but it's livable, and is at least more "white noise" than traffic noise. The Noma is quieter, but was struggling last night... I'm not sure if it had iced up, didn't like the outside temperature, or if something else was the problem. We'll see. At least I was able to wash dishes last night. (The start of them, at least... I have two week's worth to work through!)


Prairie Chicken... said...

I have central air! Its like a little slice of heaven... only colder

noricum said...

One day... one day I will own a house, have central air (or, at least, ductless), and a cleaning service that comes once every two weeks. And my own washer, dryer, and dishwasher. (Ideally I'd have my own personal chef too, but I doubt I'll ever manage that.)