Monday, May 24, 2010

Green Growing Things

Wow... that little sprout on the left wasn't there yesterday:
My grandma gave me two aloe vera shoots about a month ago. At first, I thought perhaps they didn't like me, because they were a funny colour. I think perhaps they got a bit of a sunburn. (That seems to be an oxymoron, aloe with a sunburn.) However, I think they're *quite* happy now, with the way new shoots are popping up. (I've counted four new shoots, although only three are visible in the photo.)

Speaking of "not like it was yesterday"... I think I let these guys dry out a bit too much:
Whoopsie. Uh... "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger?" I've been meaning to mound up the poppies anyway, so I did that and watered them too:
I'll see what survives, and then thin the rest.

Awww, my babies are growing up! My window chard is getting adult leaves:
There's still not enough for a snack, but we're making progress.

I really should be outside, digging in the dirt, but I forgot to make my bread last night until too late, and so it's baking now. I don't really want to start gardening until it's done, because otherwise I'll forget about it. I also want to get the last of the dishes done before the kitchen heats up too much. (The kitchen AC is a dud, and the bedroom AC is a looooong way away.) Yes, it's not that hot out, but it's sneezy out. I was confused, since the elms and maples are already going to seed, but mom mentioned seeing something on the pollen forecast. I checked last night, and yep, oak is at a "moderate" pollen level. Birch and alder are low, as is grass. "Cladosporium" is moderate. Hopefully the tree (and grass and mold) sex will subside soon. Today oak has switched to "low", although it's only just under the line, so no significant change. Well, I'll see where I'm at after the bread is done, and perhaps I'll be able to get out for a bit then.

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