Thursday, May 06, 2010


My head is killing me again, so I'll take a break and get back to posting about the retreat.

What's a fibre retreat without some pattern stalking?
I asked, and it's an Ann Feitelson pattern. Checking Ravelry, it's Hillswick Lumber... and she has tons of other drool-worthy patterns! (I have now added three to my queue... only problem is, I can't buy the yarn until I knit down my stash some more!)

Saturday morning started off with an inkle loom weaving class. Fun! A friend decided to be my official photographer, so I have tons of photos for that class, but I'll only include two:
IMG_2997.JPG IMG_3002.JPG
(Please ignore the thunder thighs.) Here's the woven band I made:
Weaving is *fast*! (Compared to knitting and crochet, that is.) It's fun, and *fascinating*. Oh... and the above photo also shows the stitch markers I made at the stitch marker class Friday night, that I forgot to mention. (The stitch marker class was pre-wheel breaking.) I did end up with a small goof in the band:

Late afternoon we had a cast-on/off class, taught by Kim of Sheeples:
(I have a photo of Kim teaching too, but it was kind of unflattering, so went with this one instead.) Look at all that preparation she did!!!

Random photo of a cool-looking loom that someone brought:
(Note that I did not touch and/or break it when her back was turned. Hopefully I'll stop making bitter comments like this when my wheel is back in working condition.)

Really cool little dragon that someone made at the retreat:
IMG_3015.JPG IMG_3017.JPG

Some people brought door prizes, which got handed out at meals. I won one!!! Look at this awesome little sheep-quilt kit!!!
Door Prize! Door Prize!

Saturday night we had the gift swap, and I ended up with a really awesome present that I'm not allergic to!
Gift Swap
*love* A great handmade project bag with a matching handmade notebook!

One more post to come: Sunday.


Scunge said...

A quilted H bag! COOL! Looks like you had LOADS of fun,despite the clumsy men. :)

noricum said...

I did!!!

Heather said...

That band you made is lovely. great colours.

noricum said...