Saturday, May 01, 2010

First Night

I was going to spin the first night... but my wheel had an accident:
IMG_3068.JPG IMG_3069.JPG IMG_3070.JPG IMG_3071.JPG
I had taken the front nut and bobbin off to oil the wheel, when I realized I didn't have anything to wipe the dirty oil off with. I walked over to get a paper towel from the kitchenette. While my back was turned, two guys came over to look at my wheel, and picked it up to read the writing on the back. The flywheel slid off, hit the ground, and cracked right through.

I had really been looking forward to using my wheel at the retreat... it's been too long since I've had time to spin.

It should be repairable... I just need to get some clamps and epoxy cement. (I've been in contact with the current maker of the wheel, and that's what he recommends.) I haven't had time to go shopping yet... perhaps next weekend. (I have the little bit of missing wood in a safe place.)

Since I couldn't spin, I finished sewing the leather bottoms on my new felted slippers. (These are the ones I felted quite a while ago... too many projects, too little time.) After wearing them for a bit, I remembered to snap a quick photo the next day, on the way back from the cafeteria:
IMG_3004.JPG IMG_3005.JPG

Since I finally had my new slippers ready to wear, I was finally able to "darn" my old pair when I got back home.



Deneen said...

That's kind of rude about just grabbing your wheel, what a bummer, seriously I would have freaked out.

Sara said...

Oh no! I hope the repair is an easy one!

noricum said...

Yeah, I had a bit of "I need to gripe to get this off of my chest" complaining. And "I know you didn't mean to break my wheel BUT YOU NEED TO BE MORE CAREFUL!!!"

Heather said...

I hope those rude people offered to pay for repairs or buy a new wheel!

love the slippers.

noricum said...

He said I could borrow his wheel the next day, but I didn't think that would be a good idea, since if I didn't finish my spinning, it would be on his bobbins, not mine.

md said...

That's the lovely old wheel that had been so long loved and was just waiting for you in that shop, isn't it? do hope it can be mended...

LOL about "darning" your old slippers...!

noricum said...

Yep. :)

I must admit that that particular darning technique I learned from another knitter and her socks... hold it over the trash can, and say "darn". ;)