Saturday, May 29, 2010



Wowzers, has it ever been crazy-stormy all day. The storms are moving *quickly*, too... so one moment it's dry, the next moment it's RAINING... and a few moment's later the rain is gone.

I took the photo during one of the not-raining times. There have been some pretty neat clouds today. Lots of lightning, too. (It blipped my cable-box, so now the online guide doesn't know what's on. It has to re-download the schedule. My laptop is spending lots of time unplugged.)

The humidity decided the AC question for me... I was drippy when I came back from the LYS, so I turned them on. (I *hate* being drippy.)

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Nicole MacDonald said...

Ooooh I'm so envious right now - I've been hanging out for a good thunderstorm for MONTHS... they seem to be everywhere in the country except for Wellington.. *sigh* or Wainuiomata..