Saturday, May 15, 2010

Dear Old Dad

Phone rings.
Dad: Is the memory card empty?
Me: No idea. Turn it on and check.
Dad: Okay.

Phone rings.
Dad: The icon says recording time XXX, battery life YYY.
Me: I *think* the camera can record for ZZZ, but I'm not sure. The manual should be in the case.
Dad: I'll try putting the card in the computer and see what it says.
Me: Sounds good.

Theoretical computer scientist == tech support???

At least he doesn't ask me to google for him any more.

Update: The camera is now over at my place to have any movies taken off. How to your parents (mis)interpret your education?


Scunge said...

I get these calls too! Though mine are for his TV,um it says HDMI1 but there is nothing on the screen! So over the phone I walk him through it once again. My dad will be 90 this August,the HDTV was his 89th birthday present LAST year from my mom and she doesn't even like TV!

noricum said...


A former roommate had a mental-block when it came to her VCR, so I kept setting things on it too. ;)