Friday, May 07, 2010


I have a big head, and hate tight toques (which all store-bought toques are). I have friends with big heads. (Because we're all incredibly brilliant, of course... as I need spell-check to highlight my initially incorrect spelling of "incredibly".)

Anyway, remember how I said much of this "falling down and accidentally swiping the credit card" didn't count?:
That's because I made the blue and brown roving into a hat. (Two hats actually, but only one will survive.) Knitting the pencil roving, unspun, was inspired by another knitter who bought some to make a Cowichan-inspired sweater. (Speaking of spell-check, how can a spell-check dictionary call itself "Canadian" and not know "Cowichan"? I think I specified the Canadian dictionary... anyway, back to the post, so I can get back to marking.)

As I was knitting the first hat (from the top down), I had to decide when to stop increasing. After it was looking close, I took a gauge measurement, then decided I should continue increasing until I had 72 stitches, since 64 stitches was going to be a bit small. Turns out I should have stopped at 64. The first hat:
*BIG* Hat *BIG* Hat
The second hat, at 64 stitches, turned out much better:
Warm Hat Warm Hat
(To be on the safe side, though, I had my friend try them both on. So much for surprises.)

Both hats have ribbing behind the brim, but on the second hat, I didn't have quite enough blue left to cover the ribbing. (I think it looks okay with the ribbing showing, though. Plus the second hat had more rows of ribbing, since the increasing section stopped earlier.)

The little acorn-nub on top is a two-row icord beginning to the hat.

I'm hoping that a steam-blocking will stop the brim from curling.

I'm also hoping that this hat will be *warm*, and won't let the wind whistle through (like the last one I made for my friend). (My friend walks in to work, and it gets *cold* around here in winter!)

Did I mention? The brown roving is *dreamy* soft! (The blue is reasonably soft too, but the brown is absolutely *dreamy*.) Sheeples grows lovely roving. :)

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