Friday, May 07, 2010


I'm impatient. Remember my May Day seed starting? Even though I *know* there's no chance that anything has sprouted yet, I keep peeking. Unbelievably, today there was something:
Thank you, poppies! (Isn't it amazing how you can get a plant from a seed so small?!?)

PS: If you still can't see them, even though I've posted the "medium" rather than "small" size, you can click through to "all sizes" to see the largest size. The seedlings are rather puny, on this, their first day.


~HoneyB~ said...

HOw perfect! Love it :) Its snowing here today (northern,MN)and were are just chomping at the bit to get going on our gardens :( Hurry spring!

noricum said...

Snowing!?!?!!! Yeah, we've had threats of snow here too recently. It's been an odd spring... hot and dry and *early*, then *wet* and cold... it's confusing the plants! My bachelor's button has a *bud* on it already!!! A friend said her peony started budding, but is now shivering in the cold! :P Hopefully this week will be dry again, so that I can get out and dig in the dirt.