Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My Caretaker *OWES* Me.

Well, today didn't go exactly as planned. (But then, when does it ever?)

I slept late, had a leisurely wake-up, started my bread baking, then washed dishes. I had left my shower until later, because I wanted to get the dishes washed before the kitchen heated up, and I tend to get sweaty washing dishes anyway... I figured it would be nice to have a shower afterwards, and possibly after doing some gardening.

After washing dishes, I cooked some soba noodles to have with the leftover dipping sauce in the fridge. While the noodles were cooling, I started prepping the kitchen drawer that needed re-lining, because the original didn't stick. I peeled off the old lining, gave it a light sanding in most places... but the grime was too thick for the sandpaper in some places. So I used my window-scraper on those places, and then sanded some more. Finally, I wiped the drawer down with a damp cloth.

While the drawer was drying (and the bread that had finished baking was cooling), I got out my soba noodles and dipping sauce. Just as I put the first bunch of noodles in the dipping sauce, but before I had a chance to eat any, my doorbell rang. It was my caretaker, and he had splashed some oven cleaner in his eye. He had already rinsed his eye, but it was still stinging, so he wanted to know what he should do.

I followed him down to his apartment to read the bottle, which said to rinse the eye for 15 minutes, and consult a physician if that didn't work. So I phoned Health Links to talk to a nurse. After giving a bunch of information about myself and my caretaker, she asked me a bunch of questions which I then asked him (he's hard of hearing). The conclusion was that I (well, someone) should take him to emergency.

I asked him if the C's could drive him, but apparently they were on one of their drinking binges. So I called my mom and asked if I could borrow the car. *sigh* I ran upstairs and put on my shorts with my wallet, etc, put the (uneaten) noodles and sauce in the fridge, and thought longingly of a shower as I put a hat on my grubby hair.

About four and a half hours later we finally got to see the doctor. (He was a rather cute doctor, but I know they can't date patients... even though *I* wasn't the patient... and I felt that my unshowered state wasn't an ideal condition for flirting.) My caretaker had indeed rinsed all the cleaner out, but was given some drops to prevent infection.

As a perfect end to a five-hour not-my-emergency ordeal, I got rained on after dropping off my parent's car at their house. (They offered to loan me an umbrella, but I declined: being rained on suited my mood, and nothing I had on me would be harmed by the amount of rain I'd receive between their place and mine.)

To unwind, I showered, ate my well-chilled soba noodles, and watched the episode of Antiques Roadshow I had happened to put on to tape.

Things I didn't do today:
• gardening
• make hummus for lunch
• finish lining the kitchen drawer
• finish lining the dresser drawer that I had started before, but ran out of liner half way through
• make something for the art club potluck that is tomorrow
• cut my hair
(I had way more planned, but the above was probably what was mostly achievable.)


Sara said...

((hugs)) Surely you got some good karma points for your good deed?

noricum said...

Yeah, probably. ;)