Thursday, May 06, 2010


This post is nagging at me, so I'm going to toss it out quickly...

I love this box:

Show and tell was supposed to be Saturday night, but we had had too much sitting by the time the gift exchange was done, so we had it Sunday morning. Here's a few photos from the show and tell:
IMG_3020.JPG IMG_3022.JPG IMG_3023.JPG

The group photo was the expected zoo, with a million cameras and no official photographer. Most of the group:
Group Photo
The silliness on the other side:
IMG_3027.JPG IMG_3030.JPG IMG_3031.JPG IMG_3032.JPG
Group photos are entertaining. ;)

Here's where we ate meals, and where the group of girls from dance camp entertained us at Sunday lunch:
IMG_3034.JPG IMG_3035.JPG IMG_3038.JPG IMG_3042.JPG

Yep, there was spending of money.
Shopping IMG_3066.JPG
Much of that "doesn't count" because I've already started using it... the blue and brown roving has been knit into two toques (one too big that will be frogged, and one just right), and the fibre enthusiast's equivalent of a "dime bag" has already participated in thrums for the mitten I'm working on. (I got more of the colour I ran out of, plus a few other fun colours.) We got to stuff our own baggies for $5. I asked if it mattered if we were good stuffers, and was told that as long as the zipper closed, I was fine. I'm a *very* good stuffer. The bag showed strain, but the zipper stayed shut. ;)

Remember this gift from my aunt?
I got it figured out! It's a Salish loom (I knew there was at least one there before, but now I know how to use it), a tapestry loom, and an embroidery stand. Cool!!! I can't wait to try some Salish weaving. I also want to finish the tapestry on the tapestry loom, once I find some coordinating yarns. (What's started is pretty!) Having an embroidery stand is cool... I've always sort of yearned after them in the craft stores. ;)

On the way home, my ride wanted to stop in at Winnipeg Beach to visit the art gallery there. (I had *no* objections to that!) Between where we parked the car and the gallery, there was a "garage sale" (that looks to be semi-permanent and specializing in vintage stuff) with some really cool vintage Christmas ornaments. I couldn't resist, and so spent the last of my cash:
Vintage Christmas Ornaments
Look, the trees are even made in the USA! You don't see that much these days. ;)
Made in USA
I was sad that I didn't have more cash on me, as I would have bought the whole set of pine cones, plus a few other neat ornaments. (And then later, I was annoyed with myself that I forgot about the emergency $20 in my notebook!) Oh well.

Fortunately the gallery took credit:

All in all, a *lovely* weekend. :)


Sara said...

It looks like you had so much fun! I'm jealous.

noricum said...

I did! If it wasn't so far for you, and during the school year, I'd suggest you come next year. ;)

md said...

a tapestry loom? and an embroidery stand? no one told me about that part! i'm for sure going to want to have those explained when i see you!

noricum said...

Will do! When are you coming? :)

md said...

beginning june, but then going to TO for a week. be back in wpg last couple of weeks of june - hope you'll be there then...?
(hey, i thought i was being up late!)

noricum said...

I'll be here! :) (Stupid marking still isn't done... I *have* to get it done tonight! The end is in sight, though!)