Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I have reached a state of "barely functional". In an attempt to become more functional, I have eaten a chocolate bake sale cupcake (fundraiser for Ronald McDonald House, not the one across the hall from it raising money for social stuff). Hopefully that will help. I have to make it through half a class, but I have slides to assist me. (The other half will thankfully be used for a bonus marks quiz... less teaching now, but more marking later.) Then, after two hours of office hours, I can go home. I think I may leave the dishes until tomorrow (assuming I have enough for breakfast), and go to sleep after dinner (frozen pizza: no pots required) and watching Bones. (I won't be getting home until shortly before Bones starts, so I might as well stay awake long enough to watch it too, rather than recording it.

Hopefully my students (who have an assignment due at midnight) won't run into trouble and wonder why I'm not answering my e-mail.

Sleep: only seven and a half hours until I can sleep.

Okay, rant over, time to do final class prep...

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