Sunday, March 14, 2010

Today's Domestic Accomplishments

Washed scary pile o' dishes. (Last week's cold resulted in a larger-than-normal pile, although I did get some done around Wednesday so that I'd have enough bowls and cutlery to make it through the week.)

Baked chocolate chip banana nut muffins, putting the rest of the nuts and buttermilk in the freezer before they spoiled. (Yay for not wasting food! I'm such a slacker...) I even started the muffins before the dishes, so everything except the muffin tins made it into the wash... and the muffin tins could have, but I was pooped with washing dishes by the time the muffins had cooled.

Baked bread to replace what had been in the freezer so long it was freezer-burned. (I *will* make hummus so that I can actually eat this batch.) The bread dishes (except for the bread pan) made it into the wash too.

Watered houseplants.

Cleaned silver spoons and silver necklaces, using the magic "aluminum foil, baking soda, and boiling water" method. It's an awesome method. I tried with hot tap water at first, but it didn't work nearly as well as the boiling water, even after leaving it sit while I had a shower.

Killed lots of flies, as mentioned previously. You know, reading about venus fly traps, over-feeding isn't a good thing. I suppose three-dozen flies at once probably would be too much? Until I find a place to buy a venus fly trap, it's a bit of a moot point, anyway. (And if I bought a sundew too, it would only be one and a half dozen each...)


Miller Mommy said...

whats the aluminium foil...boiling water method? I sometimes clean my few small silver things with toothpaste.

noricum said...

In a *PLASTIC* or *GLASS* container place some aluminum foil, then your silver items (touching the foil), and add a bunch of baking soda (stuff that has been deodorizing the fridge for a while already still works fine). Then cover with boiling water. The de-tarnish happens nearly instantaneously. Depending on how much tarnish there was, you may smell some sulphur.

Tarnish is caused by sulphur bonding with the silver. This causes the bond to break, *without* removing *any* silver. Thus, this method is *perfect* for silver plate, because you don't have to worry about polishing the silver away, like you do with polishing creams.