Saturday, March 27, 2010

Looking Out The Window

I was just looking out the window, enjoying the sunshine. A half block away, I saw a man with a large dog cross the street. The dog kept pausing and looking back. As they reached the midpoint of the street, I saw a pregnant woman with a small dog and young child starting to cross the street. Both dogs and the child were all on leashes.

I can see leashing a child around busy roads or in a store... but our neighbourhood is pretty quiet. I found the sight amusing, for some reason.


Heather said...

We went to the Elmira Maple syrup festival this morning and my son's friend commented that they had seen a bunch of dogs of leashes, but thankfully they hadn't seen any little kids on leashes.

noricum said...

My dad's from the Elmira area. Grandma used to give us a gallon of maple syrup every time we visited. We never used the fake-store stuff. (Ick!)