Friday, March 12, 2010

More Miscellany

Except for that brief outburst earlier, the engineers seem to be behaving themselves. Yay!

Yesterday another pedestrian got splatted in Osborne Village. With traffic at a complete standstill, and me not far from the bridge to downtown, I decided to get off the bus and walk. I happened to notice the Medea Gallery was open as I went past, and I've been meaning to visit there, so I did. :) It was quite nice. I chatted with the artist on duty, who happened to be someone I had met at Art Rocks (I bought several of her glass pieces there). I was very tempted by a small painting and a really cool fridge magnet (made from an old fork that was bent to resemble an insect), but I decided that I had already spent enough money that day.

What did I spend money on? New glasses! I won't actually get them for a bit, since I need to get my eyes checked, and the next opening that didn't conflict with my work wasn't until March 30th, but I picked out the frames with the help of H. Ouch, glasses sure are expensive! Between frames, lenses, choosing the thinner lens option, and the eye exam, it came to over about half what my biweekly paycheques seem to be this term. I'll be able to claim some of it on this year's supplemental spending account, and some more on next year's supplemental spending account, but what is left over after clearing out this year's account will more than wipe out next year's account. I guess I'll be paying my own prescription deductible and dentist appointments. *sigh* They are nice glasses, though, and it's nice being able to have a friend there to help me pick them out. I'm toying with the idea of taking my prescription to one of the discount places to perhaps get some prescription sunglasses, though. (It partially depends on whether my "granny sunglasses" will still fit over my new frames. If they don't, I'll have to get a pair, if they do, it depends on whether I feel like shelling out for prescription sunglasses.)

My current pair of glasses is already three years old, and I still didn't feel like they're "me". Hopefully I'll like my new glasses much better.

Yay! It's lunch time! (Off to spend more money on lunch, because I'm still not organized enough to get it all packed at home. *sigh*)

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