Saturday, March 13, 2010

Signs of Spring

There has been a strange liquid precipitation falling from the sky recently. (And fog worthy of England.) Today appears to be sunny and bright, though.

The snow has nearly completely melted from the apartment's front lawn... the tiny bit left is where snow from shovelling was heaped. (Soon the ground will thaw, allowing me to continue digging the flower beds... should my teaching allow me the time.)

Flies have awoken from their hibernation, and are buzzing against the windows. (Or, at night, against lightbulbs.) At the moment I have six in the kitchen window (after killing two already this morning), and I think another two in my office window... although, at the moment, they're in their less-easy-to-spot walking/resting mode.

Does anyone know where in Winnipeg I can buy a venus fly trap and other carnivorous plants? I'd like to make some terrariums, changing the fly nuisance into an amusement. (Move flies from window to terrarium, watch to see what happens...)

Other sign of spring: I'm about half-way through making a pair of thrummed mittens for an elderly neighbour. (Somehow I'm always finishing these in spring, and working on them inevitably creates unusually warm weather.)


Miller Mommy said...

how about some "Fly Tape"? We did that last summer by sticking two little patches on the porch screen and it always got the flies that managed to get in. They did get a few other bugs too, and towards the end of of the summer, were a bit gross looking.

noricum said...

I've never been that fond of having the tape full of dead flies hanging around, and is probably more cruel than my method. The venus fly trap is more for entertainment purposes than anything. ;)