Sunday, March 07, 2010

Saturday Accomplishments

(Including to 3 am Sunday morning.)

• Napping.
• Laundry.
• Chicken soup.
• Reading three old assignments (to start brainstorming for remaining three assignments for my course).
• Marked part of an assignment. (If I had to estimate... um... maybe 1/3 done? It's hard to tell, because I've marked 2/4 questions on all assignments, plus started the next question, but those first two were short questions to mark.)

Why did I have to get sick now?!? If only I hadn't spent that time napping...

To do Sunday (bare minimum):
• Finish marking assignment.
• Create final exam.

Also needs doing ASAP:
• Mark another assignment.
• Create three assignments for one course (one is overdue... I want to get all three out so students can be flexible with choosing when to do them, since they're going to be cramped into the end of term).
• Create one assignment for other course.
• Prep for Monday's class.
• Wash dishes.

Will be added to to-do list soon:
• Mark exercise.
• Mark midterm.
• Create midterm for other course.



Sara said...

Busy,busy! I hope you are feeling better soon!

noricum said...

Thanks! Me too! (So far today I feel like sh!t. :P )