Monday, March 08, 2010

Drop-Dead Tired

I want to use a cool question on the final exam that another prof used previously. It doesn't want to compile with my version of LaTeX. (I don't really blame it... my install is pretty old.) So, at 3:30 AM, I'm downloading and installing various TeX and LaTeX packages, hoping I'll stumble upon the correct combination. (Thank goodness for high-speed internet!)

Here's crossing my fingers that I don't break my install completely. :P

I've got eight minutes to kill while I wait for the current install to finish, so here's some rambling about what I want, and what I've done so far.

First I upgraded TeXShop... twice. (My version was old enough that it took two upgrades to bring it up to the present day.) However, the question still didn't compile.

H uses TikZ to draw stuff. This appears to be the package that's breaking things. So I installed a newer version of TikZ. TikZ said something about wanting a certain version of xcolor, so that came next. Still no go.

I googled the error message, and it turns out my PDFLaTeX is too old. So I downloaded that. However, it's install instructions really recommended not installing just PDFLaTeX, so I downloaded MacTeX. MacTex is big, so it took a while to download, then a while to expand, and just now a while to install. (I got the boing while typing this paragraph. The install started before I started this post. It's now 3:45 AM.)

Well, I'm off now to see what the install did.

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