Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Sleep deprivation is getting worse. I got four hours of sleep last night. The night before was not much either, although, after hitting the snooze button for a bit, I decided to skip the optional morning tasks, and set my alarm for a late wake-up and arrived at work at 1:00 when my non-optional shift started. Sunday night I didn't get much sleep either. I *really* need to get caught up on my sleep... it's getting to the point where I feel like crying. However, I have a heap of things to do that I can't put off any more. :(

Surprise Snow
This morning I woke up to snow. I think my first thought upon happening to glance out the window was something incoherent like "did someone paint all the trim white overnight?" I then changed that thought to the joke "who spilled the white-out?"

In addition to creating assignments, I need to wash dishes tonight... I've used my regular dishes, and am nearly through my back-up dishes. I'm also on my last clean water bottle, and it's one that does weird things to my mouth because it's metal. I probably won't wash everything, just enough to get me through a few more days. (Time spent washing dishes is time not spent working on impending deadline work tasks or sleep.)

Please, I need to sleep! :(

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Friko said...

yes, I know how that feels. Lukily, I don't have assignments and can walk around like a zombie all day.