Saturday, March 27, 2010

More Hilarity

Knitting Instructions on Punch Cards

I'm just full of chuckles today! Flipping through a knitting book my friend gave me (it used to belong to her mother), I found knitting instructions copied out on punch cards. (Jacquard would be proud!) The woman has good taste, too... those are stitch patterns from Barbara Walker's "A Treasury of Knitting".

My brother and I also found many uses for punch cards as a kid. We would draw on them, staple a bunch together to make note pads...

What sort of "not the intended purpose" things did you do with punch cards?


Heather said...

I seem to recall seeing a poinsettia wreath where you folded back two points from the narrow end to make a petal and then the whole thing assembled and spray painted red.

noricum said...

That sounds appropriately tacky. ;)