Sunday, March 14, 2010

Carnage, And Other Miscellany

I trapped and flushed somewhere around three dozen flies this morning. They annoyed me last night by continuing to buzz in my bedroom after I turned the lights out, so I decided to take matters into my own hands this morning.

I don't like squishing bugs... too messy, and requires one kleenex per fly. Instead, I catch them by their wings or legs (they're pretty stupid after waking up from hibernation), pull one wing off, and put them in the toilet for the next time I happen to flush. After putting several dozen in the toilet this morning, though, I flushed without waiting for a call of nature. :P

There's still a bunch buzzing around, but they were hanging out where I couldn't reach them, and I had enough carnage for one morning. So I washed my hands well, and went on to the next task. The remaining murder and mayhem can wait for later.


On a different note, I just had the following WV leaving a comment somewhere else: grabled. I believe that's "garbled" garbled, which is highly appropriate. ;)

Yesterday I went to WW to buy some more Sheeples roving for the thrummed mittens I'm making. I was completely out of the fawn colour, and wasn't going to have enough of any of the colours in the multi-pack in order to complete two mittens, even if I abandoned the striping pattern. I found a multi-pack with enough of most of the colours I was running low on, but it had barely any fawn. I don't think the other packages had any fawn. I guess I'll have to switch striping patterns for the next mitten. :(

I also stopped in at Ram Wools to pet the shop puppy, but, just my luck, the shop puppy wasn't in. I chatted with the employees I know, and petted the yarns instead. There were two or three that almost came home with me in sweater quantities... but I need to finish some of the sweaters I have a home first. I keep saying that, but then buy more yarn anyway. Yesterday I succeeded, but only because two of the three I knew would be there later, and the third required me finding a supply of a coordinating yarn that has been discontinued... I might google and return, though, assuming they still have it in sufficient supply: it was in the clearance section, and marked down to a quite nice price. Depending on how much is left on my next visit, I may buy it anyway... it's pretty, and nice stuff.

I was going to poke my nose in at the thrift store nearby, but it was 5:00, and they're only open until 4:00. (Perhaps I'll make my next trip to Ram Wools earlier in the day.) Instead, I crossed the road and bought myself a few treats at Deluca's. Mmmmm! I found Sage Derby cheese (love it, but rarely find it), and also bought an olive bun for a trip-home snack and some spanakopita for dinner. And a lemon... they're cheaper there than I've seen elsewhere. Looks like their parmesan is a pretty good deal too, but I have enough right now.

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