Friday, March 12, 2010


Curses... the engineers are restless again.

I had a weird dream last night. In the dream I went down to NC to finish my degree. My parents helped me move down, and I was able to rent a place in the same neighbourhood as before. The department had changed some... it was bigger, grad students only had study carrels in a vast open area instead of shared offices, and there was weird stuff happening with the elevators again. (Weird things tend to happen to the elevators in my dreams.) I found a friend of mine there who, in real life, has moved on, but in the dream was still there as well. She and her husband had a condo nearby, and took me over to see it. On the way over, I kept finding pebbles in my mouth, and was using my finger to sweep around my mouth to get them all out. After spitting out quite a number, I discovered that the pebbles were actually my teeth breaking up and falling out. My friend gave me a baggie to keep them in, in the hopes that a dentist could fix things. But they kept falling out, and the teeth bits were very thin and brittle... it was like they were just the hard outer coating, and all of the insides had dissolved. I was near toothless by the end of the dream. Other parts of the dream included kids in Halloween costumes (on the way to the condo, and then at the condo), very poorly carpeted stairs at the condo (the carpet was basically not tacked down), and a very bizarre bathroom in the condo whose water pipes started spraying everywhere. Due to the problem with my teeth, I was staying with my friends at the condo, and trying to see if I could cancel my lease so I could go back home... my dental coverage hadn't started yet in the US.

I could use a nap right about now.


Halloween Costumes said...

Very interesting! I don't know what is going on in your life. Have you been moving around a lot? Are you about to make some kind of life decision? If so the elevators that act up in your dreams could symbolize you being unsure about where you are heading in life. Are you going up or down? Witch way is better?

Teeth represent something permanent. Them braking away could symbolize you being afraid of moving on to new things. You may feel as if you go then you are going to break the core of what is grounding you.

Just what I thought after reading it!

noricum said...

Thanks for the analysis! Yep, that could definitely describe me... the whole life decision thing: what to do with the incomplete PhD, whether to look for a job with more long-term security and higher pay...

I can't remember much about what was strange about the elevators in that particular dream. I don't remember feeling differently when going in one direction vs the other. I'm pretty sure I'm usually taking them up, though. (That's what I do in real life... I take the stairs down, but am frequently too lazy to take the stairs up.)