Thursday, April 01, 2010


My back just went out!!! I have no idea how... it's not like I was doing anything when it happened. I was having my shower (I cancelled the optional things this morning so I could catch up on sleep), and my back felt odd. So I leaned forward to stretch it, and it felt like there was a problem with one of the nerves. After I stood back up, it got worse. Now I can't lift my right arm up, breathe deeply, or do several other things without severe pain. I've cancelled my afternoon, taken a couple advil, and now I'll try lying flat on my back for a while. Ow.

What do you find works best when you throw your back out?


Deneen said...

You sure it's your back? I ask because I thought I threw my back out last week and after using medicine for it and Vicoden gel, it was my lungs. Apparently, my allergies have gotten so bad, they settled in my chest,hence my right back pain. I went to the doctor yesterday, pleural something (not effusion, not pleurisy, something with the lung having fluid causing it to rub on my ribcage. So now I am using two inhalers and it still hurts, but I'm told by tonight, it should feel better. Of course, they're closed tomorrow and for the weekend for the holiday, so if it still hurts, I dunno.

Just throwing it out there because you have allergy problems.

noricum said...

Really? How bizarre! Well, if it's still bothering me by Monday/Tuesday, I'll look into going to get it checked out. My allergies aren't too bad at the moment, but I'll definitely keep that in mind. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Athletic therapy on campus!

Otherwise, I dunno. Oh, I hope this gets better on its own! Problems just before the long weekend are traditional, but very sucky.


Nicoya said...

Usually what works for me is regular exercise and a stress-free lifestyle.

And yes, I'm aware that this probably isn't terribly helpful.

Heather said...

If its not better or improving by tomorrow I would call your 'tele health'. I think each province has some version of this. You don't want to wait too long incase you need further attention.

Anonymous said...

Health Links is the "tele health" thing in Manitoba. You get to talk to a nurse, who (if you are my old Dad with lots of serious problems) will send you to emergency for everything. Probably rightly so (for my Dad). Health Links is good.


noricum said...

Thanks for the tips!