Tuesday, April 27, 2010


The retreat was fabulous. It didn't last nearly long enough. I'll post more as I need procrastination from marking, and/or thinking of happy thoughts.

Yesterday I marked my part of the group exam for one course, so I'm basically done with that course. (I'll still need to enter grades, and meet to decide grade cut-points.)

For some reason, yesterday my right foot felt swollen.

Today I'm back to marking the depressing course. I've decided to do exams first, so that I don't need to lug them home. (I finally have them all, and so can actually mark them now. Also, they discourage us from taking them off-campus.)

Yesterday I didn't go to the art club. Today I'm not going to a prof's son's recital. (He's an award winning adult, not some kid.) Anyone want to do my marking? How about my taxes or art show prep?

It's a beautiful day for napping in the sunshine. But I'm not... I'm marking instead. (Earlier I was procrasti-marking, but now I'm actually marking. Well, not at this precise moment.)


Heather said...

It would depend on what subject you are marking!

noricum said...

Computer Science... but somehow, I don't think my department will let me get away with this in any event. ;)