Friday, April 16, 2010


Mr Party-of-One is having a relapse.

Earlier tonight he was playing loud music in the building. It wasn't quite loud enough for me to call him to turn it down, but it was definitely coming through.

Just now, I heard loud music outside, so I looked to see if the partiers from next door were doing drugs outside again. Turns out Mr Party-of-One is once again Mr Party-in-the-Car. He's drinking (with the car running), and smoking. I don't know what he's smoking. He's probably disturbing the neighbours, but I don't want to call the cops on him in case he decides to take his smoking indoors.

Speaking of smoking, I asked a student who knows about drugs from a misspent youth. He says the round flask shaped thing I saw the next door partiers with is a bong. (Whee.) Then I asked him if he thought the menthol-like smell last night was cough drops or menthol cigarettes, and he said that cocaine gets cut with stuff that, when smoked, can smell like menthol. (That was *not* what I wanted to hear.)

Perhaps I should just pass this information on to the landlord, to let him decide what he thinks might be going on.


Prairie Chicken... said...

menthol smelling can be cocaine but if its laced weed it can be hard to tell.. if its a little bit burnt cinnamon smelling then its meth.. and if it smells oddly like burnt mr clean then its crack.

I used to live next to a crack dealer in the Village. Then I moved to an apartment in Wolseley and the caretaker was a meth head.

noricum said...

*shit* :P (I'm not sure what besides the menthol I detected, but I don't like any of the options.)

Sounds like you've had some crappy neighbours. :(