Friday, April 23, 2010


I'm going to a spinning/weaving/knitting retreat tomorrow, and it's really starting to sink in how strange it will be. For instance, just now I realized that I won't have speakers to hook up my iPod to, so that I can listen to podcasts to lull myself to sleep! It's been... um... nearly two years(!?!?) since I didn't have a podcast to lull myself to sleep, and that trip was when I went to the lake... and so I got to listen to the breeze in the trees, and the loons on the lake. On this trip, I'll be sharing a room with a bunch of knitters.

I also have to remember how to pack. I'm paranoid that I'll pack so much for this weekend trip that the person giving me a ride will think I'm a nut-job. (Whether I am or am not a nut-job is not the issue... I freely admit to being one, I just don't like people actually thinking I'm one.)

Part of my packing will be food, so that I won't starve if I discover the shared meals are all stuff I'm allergic too. (No vehicle, and no walkable grocery stores.)

Since this is a (dry) camp, there won't be ice and ice buckets to keep my milk substitute cold.

I'll be expected to get up at a reasonable hour. (More like 7 or 8 am, rather than 2 pm, my recent week-end wake-up time.)

Do I bring my laptop, in case there's time to do marking? (I still have a crap-load of marking.)

Also to pack: sleeping bag and pillow, both of which are *bulky*, but necessary. Add in the spinning wheel, spindles, a knitting project or two... and probably the looms my relative gave me... will I *fit* in my rides?

What am I forgetting? I *know* I'll forget something... especially with how long it's been since I've packed for a trip.


Heather said...

sounds more like and expedition.

noricum said...

I have trouble with the KISS principle. (My allergies don't help.)