Friday, April 16, 2010

Rug Hooking WIP

Rug Hooking WIP

Whoopsie, I mis-calculated how much more blue I would need, by a tiny amount. I thought about using one of the other colours that I had enough of... but, given what other colours I have, and where the main gap is located... it, well, brought out juvenile thoughts. I'm sure twelve-year-old boys would find it hilarious, though.

I do have more black, this is just how far I got last night.

Option #1: Ask DiFranza if they'd be willing to send me one more blue strip. (They didn't charge me for the ones they already sent... I feel bad asking for more time and postage for one more strip.)

Option #2: Pull out some of the blue on the "ground" areas, and use the wool skirts I've been collecting to make grass or flowers. (The green I have is a bit of an odd grass colour, but it would work.) I wish I had some bright yellow, to make a dandelion. Perhaps I'll dye the partial white strip I have left.

I suspect I'll go with option #2.

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Heather said...

this is looking so good. Sorry I have no suggestions as I don't know this craft.