Thursday, April 08, 2010

Cool News

Cool news from my cousin:
hi friends!

sorry to bother all of you again, but i wanted to thank you for voting in the first round, and ask you to vote again for my video in the finals. voting takes place right now until the 15th at:

the three videos in the last row are the ones to vote for, mine is the last one. roger sinha's is also very good.

you may have noticed a formatting error in the video, which i hadn't seen yet when i sent out the last email. the top and bottom of the frames are cut off, so some heads are missing. frustrating because i am such a stickler for perfect cropping, but so it goes.

*another very exciting piece of news is that cbc called this morning and is contemplating sending 'life stories' to further film festivals in canada or latin america. i just need to subtitle it in spanish. anyone know spanish?

take care and thanks so much for your time and feedback that you've sent me. it is much appreciated:) if you voted before, please vote again!


Heather said...

thats a great video. I'm so glad I went and looked at it. It did bring tears to my eyes a few times.

noricum said...

Thanks for watching! :)