Thursday, April 29, 2010

Whiny Halleluja

It's down to the wire with taxes, art show prep, and marking... but I just discovered that I have a wee bit of a reprieve with marking: the very last day I can get my marks in *isn't* tomorrow (also the deadline for art show and taxes), but *Tuesday*!!!!

I was up until 5 am working last night. I prepped my magnets and cards, and did the draft version of my taxes. (I *OWE* taxes! Wah! I blame the tutoring, because nothing was withheld for that.)

Allergies are miserable right now... not nearly as bad as when I was living in Chapel Hill, but I need to leave my windows open to make the apartment temperature bearable. That lets in the pollen, and the warm, dry spring has meant there's a lot of pollen floating around. Right now I'm sniffly and itchy-eyed. And whiny and tired. But happy that I won't get yelled at when my marking's not done tomorrow.

Have you seen the "Just Allergies" commercial that Reactine is running right now? I'd link to it or post it, but I can't find it online. (Reactine: you've missed an opportunity! ...even if it's a small one.) Anyway, I love that commercial. That's how I feel.

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