Saturday, April 10, 2010


I want to wash dishes, but the water from the tap is only lukewarm. (This is an apartment building!!!) I'm doing laundry downstairs (on warm), and the neighbour is giving her son a bath... but if that's enough to empty the tank, then perhaps the block needs a bigger tank.

I'm heating up water in the kettle, but I have a "single person sized" kettle, so it's taking a bit. I'd get out one of my big stock pots, but I'm already on my third kettle, so I'll probably get enough hot water before the stock pot came to a boil anyway. (I didn't think it would take this many kettles worth when I started.)

Make that fourth kettle, and note to self: pay more attention to the "max fill line"... it's apparently there for a reason. :P

In other cleaning news, my friend called this morning at 10 am and asked if she could bring my exercise bike over between 1 and 2. (I had been "storing" it at her place, but then she got married and sold her house.) My place is disgusting right now, and so, instead of going back to bed, I made an attempt to make my place look a little less disgusting. It's still a mess, but the improvement sure is nice. Once I'm done all my marking (finished the last of the exercises last night, now it's just several assignments, and later two exams) I plan to get back to cleaning.

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