Monday, April 28, 2008

Things That Could Be Better This Morning...

I think my iPod is FUBAR. For good this time. I'll look at it later, but for now it's in an infinite cycle of rebooting. Doing the reset thing doesn't help.

One of my dollar store tupperware containers cracked when I was putting the lid on. I only got it at Christmas... sheesh.

The four lids I washed last night didn't really get clean either. There were still suds in the water, but I guess maybe the cloth had gotten oily?

I'm late. I didn't get enough sleep last night either.

I didn't finish the book I'm returning to H today... although I might be able to finish it on the bus. (Since my iPod isn't working anyway.)

I didn't get my taxes done this weekend, and they're due Wednesday.

I didn't get my grocery shopping done either. (Food would be good.) I haven't even made my grocery list. Since I'm late anyway, I'll make it before I leave, and then hopefully I will only need a few things and can stop on my way home. (Woo hoo... I found the Safeway coupon book on first glance at my messy desk!)

One of the paintings I wanted to have done for this weekend's art show still isn't done. I need to do one more thing (sketch the painting I'll be demoing) to prepare for the demo there too.

I decided to practice dressing nicer this week, in preparation for teaching next week. I tried on two of my old blouses, but they're both too small for me now. Looks like I'll be going through the closet, making a pile for goodwill.


Anonymous said...

Maybe if you spent money on tupperwear that doesn't come from the dollar store and is of better quality, it wont crack after 4 months of use. Just a thought.

noricum said...

Uh, hey anonymous... who are you? (Are you trying to hide so you can insult my budget-conscious living?)

You may have noticed the word "Christmas"? It was a gift. As in I wasn't the one making the selection. ;)

Now, normally I like to buy things that last (when I can afford them), but the non-dollar-store name-brand-but-not-Tupperware-with-a-capital-T has been looking pretty crappy, like it wouldn't last much longer. The real tupperware stuff is hard to get clean while handwashing... I'm not sure if it's the texture, the fact that there are narrow crevices in the lid I can't get my cloth into, or a combination of both, but the real tupperware I have is *hard* to get clean. Recently I've been doing okay with a paintbrush and an extra dollop of soap per lid (not good for the environment or the wallet), but before that I had nasty rancid salad dressing oil that I could never get off. :P

Give a choice between cracking, and dirty, rancid oil, I'll take the cracking. (Ideally I'd have neither... can you suggest a brand that is quality *and* easy to hand wash?)

Anonymous said...

Maybe your friends or family shouldn't buy you cheap stuff from the dollar store either.

noricum said...

Hey there, anonymous. I want to check, because it's really easy to mis-understand someone. Are you being snarky, or am I reading you wrong? If you are being snarky, is this some beef you have with the dollar store? Are you a Tupperware rep or something? Or did you just get up on the wrong side of the bed?

You also didn't suggest a good alternative for me to use. (Yes, there are lots of more expensive things out there, but I've learned that just because something costs more, doesn't mean it's actually better quality... or that the workers have any better treatment.)